Connected PIM Platform

At UPANGO we are a Golden Partner of Sales Layer (PIM), we help companies in the management of catalogues for multichannel sales. It is an essential tool in the process of digital transformation of companies, a cloud solution that synchronises all product information across multiple sales channels.

PIM is the perfect tool for consistent and complete product information across different sales channels B2B, B2C, Marketplace or Customer Catalogue among others, reducing the amount of data entered manually, as well as the amount of time it takes for marketing, IT and sales teams to correct any errors that may occur.



A single database

Organise and analyse

Quality and consistency


Open new sales channels in minutes

PIM, the tool to manage, improve and connect your catalogue.


Single management

Catalogue content in a single platform designed for marketing staff

Automate tasks

Editing roles and approval flows for translation management

Connect with your channels

Connect products with each of your own or your customers' digital channels.

Upango is a GOLD Partner of Sales Layer, the leading PIM platform for organising, structuring, enriching and translating the information of each of the products in your catalogue.

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