Nowadays, buying and selling systems are configured in the concept of marketplaces, therefore, businesses must take on the challenges that ecommerce imposes on investment and profitability.
Shoppingfeed is the omnichannel online catalogues tool to disseminate, manage and optimise all products to different marketplaces from a single place. It synchronises stocks, centralises orders, optimises resources and analyses results, among many other functions.

In a world that never stops, e-commerce is constantly reinventing itself.

There are several limitations when selling online, such as increasing competition, accelerated digitisation, consumer volatility, multiplication of sales channels, so we work with Shoppingfeed to simplify the management of sales on marketplaces for our clients.

At UPANGO we believe that behind every challenge there is an opportunity, that’s why we support you every day to master your ecosystem and sell efficiently online.


A feed management solution designed to simplify the day-to-day management of ecommerce activity:

Create and enhance your product catalogue

Distribute your products in sales or marketing channels.

Optimise your sales performance

Boost your turnover


Crear y enriquecer tu catálogo de productos

Distrubuye tus productos en canales de ventas o marketing

Optimice el rendimiento de sus ventas

Aumenta tu facturación

Centralise your orders and control your stock

Reduce catalogue management time

Increase the visibility of your products

Reach customers all over the world

Find new partners

Automate processes

Integration with more than a hundred marketplaces

Among them the most recognised are Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and Miravia.

Medición del rendimiento:

Establecemos indicadores clave de rendimiento para monitorear y evaluar el progreso, midiendo el impacto de las iniciativas de transformación digital en áreas como la satisfacción del cliente, la eficiencia operativa y el crecimiento del negocio.

If you want to know more about marketplace integrators or how we can adjust it to your company, do not hesitate, contact us and we will solve all your doubts.

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