Employee portal

The digital transformation of HR has become a fundamental part of the strategy of innovative companies seeking to attract and retain the best talent in the market. The main objective is to design policies and processes that optimise the employee’s experience and relationship with the organisation from the moment they join until they leave, and technology is one of the pillars for achieving this.

The portal and its connection with the HR management platforms is the element of interaction between the company and the employee, the linking point for communication, processes and training for office employees, factory workers, warehouse workers and employees in remote locations.


The benefits in this type of project are compelling:

Immediate employee access to company information and services anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Brings the organisation closer to employees in organisations with locations across a wide territory and out-of-office work profiles.

Agility and standardisation of HR and other administrative processes.

Optimisation of departmental resources by dedicating qualified personnel to tasks that add value to organisational development.

Improved productivity of all staff by avoiding unnecessary travel for administrative tasks, team communication and document management.

Key indicators of the automatic HR area.

Employee perception of innovation and modernity in their relationship with the company.


If you are a manufacturer, distributor, fruit and vegetable company or in the retail sector, talk to us and we will help you define your employee portal project, which we can also connect with the best solutions on the market:

Your core system management system


HR management
software management software

Factorial, A3 Innuba, …

Control platforms
time and attendance
of accesses

Digital signature

Signaturit, Firmafy, …

Digital signature
M365 Productivity

(SharePoint, Power BI, …)

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