Digital catalogue management consultancy

The marketing staff of brands and B2B companies in general spend a lot of time managing the content of the company’s digital catalogue because the channels of use and digital presence have multiplied. At UPANGO we help them to centralise this management on market-leading PIM platforms, modelling and connecting the catalogues.


What are we offering?

We model

The PIM for catalogue management with a global vision of all the digital channels in use and we train in the management of their contents to provide the marketing team with autonomy.

We incorporate

Basic product information that is already available in the ERP into the PIM so that the marketing team can focus on the content and its translation into several languages.

We connect

The PIM with the company's B2C and B2B shops by creating the outbound channels and synchronising the catalogue contents to each platform and integrating the transactional information coming from the ERP.

We work

In the PIM the catalogues to incorporate products to the marketplaces and we automate the sales processes in these "B2B clients" without tragedies and saving a lot of management time to be able to focus the time on increasing sales.

Upango is a GOLD Partner of Sales Layer, a leading usability PIM platform with international presence.

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