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In today’s business world, B2B e-commerce has become a vital part of business growth and success. The ability to efficiently and effectively transact business online has transformed the way companies interact and do business.

At UPANGO B2B ecommerce consultancy, we specialise in helping companies make the most of the opportunities offered by ecommerce. Our team of highly trained experts with senior experience in the field of e-commerce is here to provide strategic guidance and customised solutions for your specific needs.


Our consultancy services include:

Analysis and evaluation of the current e-commerce platform:

We review the existing platform to identify strengths and areas for improvement. We evaluate the usability, functionality, security and overall performance of the website.

B2B e-commerce strategy:

We work closely with the team to develop a customised e-commerce strategy that aligns with business objectives. This includes, selecting the right platform, systems integration, and optimising the user experience.

Platform design and development:

We have a team of highly skilled designers and developers who can create an attractive and functional e-commerce platform. We ensure that the platform is easy to use, optimised for mobile devices and offers an intuitive shopping experience for your customers.

Systems integration and automation:

We specialise in systems integration to ensure seamless communication between the e-commerce platform and other business systems, such as the inventory management system, ERP system and customer management system (CRM). We also help automate repetitive tasks to increase operational efficiency.

Optimisation and analysis:

We monitor and analyse the performance of the e-commerce platform to identify opportunities for improvement. We use advanced analytical tools to collect data on user behaviour, and overall website performance. All these insights are used to make strategic adjustments.

At our B2B ecommerce consultancy, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and tangible results to our clients. Our goal is to help companies maximise their B2B ecommerce potential and achieve long-term sustainable growth.

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